Spiritual BTUs

Spiritual BTUs stands for:

B- Banking God's Word in our minds- (memorizing Scripture).

T- Thinking about and Treasuring it in our hearts so we can

U- Understand and Use it in our lives.

Every stick of wood has a certain amount of potential energy or BTUs that it is capable of producing.  It doesn't become useful to us though until we stick it in the fireplace and ignite a flame to it.  The Bible is a source of potential spiritual energy, so to speak.  It becomes useful when we hide it in our hearts and allow the fire of the Holy Spirit to make us shine as image bearers of Jesus Christ.


 How many Spiritual BTUs of potential energy are you capable of producing and do you want to increase that potential?  Consider joining me on this quest to memorize Scripture. We are attempting to learn one verse a week.  There may be several videos each week to assist in understanding the verse of the week. You should be able to distinguish each weeks verse by the titles.  Here are 4 videos to get you started on the first verse.  If you are interested in this endeavor find and share with a  friend who can help you stick with it. 


This idea is in the BETA stage of development and only found here and on my youtube channel.  When 52 verses are shot in video format the plan is to have them loaded onto a phone app that will function as a message delivery system delivering each weeks new verse and video on Monday.  If there are more than one video per verse, as is the case with the first weeks verse, they will be sent one a day the rest of the week.  For now you will just have to scroll down this page to see what is available.  I hope to start working on Psalm 1 soon followed by James 1 then possible 2 Peter 1.  

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