Spiritual BTUs

Spiritual BTUs stands for:

B- Banking (memorizing) God's Word in our minds.

T- Thinking about and Treasuring it in our hearts so we can

U- Understand and Use it in our lives to fight against temptation, counsel, encourage and witness to others.

Every stick of wood, depending on which tree it came from, has a certain amount of potential energy or BTUs that it is capable of producing. How many Spiritual BTUs of potential energy are you capable of producing and do you want to increase that potential?  Consider joining me on this quest to memorize Scripture. We are attempting to learn one verse a week.  There may be several videos each week to assist in understanding the verse of the week. You should be able to distinguish each weeks verse by the titles.  Here are 4 videos to get you started on the first verse.  If you are interested in this endeavor share with some friends who can help you stick with it.  Look for videos on verse two (Psalm 119:11) scheduled (tentatively) for the first of the year.

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