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I am your Educational Chimney Sweep. In addition to sweeping & inspecting, I specialize in teaching you how to be safe & efficient in the use of your fireplace. I do this in several ways: First, by giving you a very simplified overview of the science of fire and chimney physics. This helps you understand why the chimney is the number one cause of home fires during the winter months and how to avoid it's potential hazards. Second, I listen to your concerns and answer your questions while showing you how to do the things you are uncomfortable doing (ex. damper & vent operations, lighting the gas, etc.) so that in the future you can have peace of mind operating your fireplace.  Lastly, I give you practical tips that help you to save money on your energy bill instead of driving it up the way MOST people do when they use their fireplaces. No Upselling! If I see a potential hazard, I explain why this may be a problem, what is needed to fix it, and how to ask for it, so you can confidently solicit bids for repair. This ensures objectivity and ultimately saves you money.



After 3 years in the industry I noticed that most homeowners know very little about their fireplaces & chimneys. I saw a need for a sweep that would educate the homeowner to be able to use the fireplace safely, efficiently and with peace of mind. I started this company to meet that need. If this is not your first experience with a chimney sweep, I will exceed your expectations. If it is, I will set a standard that is not easily matched. I operate this business myself so you will not have to deal with a poorly trained, seasonal technician. This is a year round business for me so you will be able to contact me even after the season ends if you should need to do so. I have been sweeping chimneys for 20+ years.



While living abroad, 25 years ago, I met a Georgia Peach & followed her back to Woodstock where I married her. We have been living in Kennesaw the last 20 years. I love playing & watching hockey with my oldest. We were huge Thrasher fans. My middle child is my football watching buddy and my youngest loves Putt-Putt. We all love to shoot, swim, hike & hangout together. We also love to worship our Creator, Savior & Friend- Jesus Christ. We fellowship with Him every day, individually & with other believers on Sunday, which is why the business is closed Sundays. I make it my goal everyday to please Him in everything I do which includes how I run this company. That is why everyone is treated the same, because each customer has been created in His image. A large portion of our profits go to a children's mission (CEF) & I love volunteering as well.

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