No matter what type of wood you burn, it will produce smoke. Smoke is basically just wasted fuel and as it goes up the chimney, some will collect on the walls.  It can catch fire at any time which is why it needs to be swept out before it reaches a dangerous level of accumulation.


In addition to having  the chimney swept, it is important to have it inspected to ensure  that it is capable of performing its intended functions properly.


Plenty of time is built in to each appointment so homeowners can become comfortable using their fireplaces either by  having questions answered or being shown how to do things. Practical and simplified tips on chimney physics  are given to show how to burn as efficiently and safely as possible.

Welcome to Atlanta's Chimney Caddy

David McEwen

Owner / Operator

Hello, my name is David.  I have my picture here so you will know who to expect at your door and because I stand behind my work.  If this is not your first experience with a chimney sweep, I will exceed your expectations. If it is, I will set a standard that is not easily matched.  I have been sweeping Cobb and the surrounding counties since 1997.  I hope you will look over this site and then give me a call so that I can help you enjoy your fireplace as safely and efficiently as possible.

Thank you! 

Did you know that according to the National Fire Protection Association, chimneys continually rank as the top cause of home fires during the winter months?  That is why education is a big focus of my company and sets it apart from all the others.


Please give me a call and let me help you get your fireplace ready so that you can enjoy it with peace of mind.

CSIA Certification

Chimney Safety Institute of America

Anyone can run a brush up a chimney & with a little exerience do so without making a mess. Because most homeowners know very little about their fireplaces it is easy for them to be taken advantage of with exaggerated repair recommendations. Even worse, some truly needed repairs may go unnoticed. 


Sweeps that have been certified have been trained to know what to look for and the difference between cosmetic and more serious concerns.  They also have a code of ethics that they have affirmed to uphold.

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